Currawong battlespace communications system

Currawong battlespace communications system

Boeing Defence Australia’s Currawong Battlespace Communications System redefines the capacity, flexibility and responsiveness of the Australian Defence Force’s communications in the field.

Its secure wideband voice, data and video services over wireless and wired infrastructure – ranging from high-capacity line-of-sight radios to long-haul fibre and satellite terminals – allow for fast and extremely reliable secure communications. Never before has access to large amounts of secure data been as accessible on operational deployment or on exercise; providing unprecedented situational awareness of the battlefield.

The system’s modular network design comprises interchangeable capability ‘bricks’ which can be integrated and deployed to meet the specific needs of each mission.

Project Currawong is an Australian defence industry success story. From ground-up electronics to mechanical and software development, all components of the system are designed and developed in Australia with 235+ people directly employed on the project, along with 200+ local enterprises. 

Project Currawong is delivered under LAND 2072 Phase 2B.

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Key components, deliverables and users of the Currawong battlespace communications system.