Students gathering at the QUT Science and Engineering Challenge


Boeing knows the future of the cutting-edge aerospace industry is through the smart, talented and enthusiastic youth of today. In Australia, the company is passionate about engaging and encouraging young people through education to inspire their interest in STEM, particularly aerospace- and aviation-related projects.

For example, Boeing Defence Australia supports the Gateway Schools Program, which is a partnership initiative between the Queensland Government and industry bodies to create pathways for Queensland high school students to enter into careers within the aerospace industry.

Boeing also works closely with selected Australian universities to enhance undergraduate curricula, support continuing education of Boeing employees, recruit candidates for employment and collaborate on research that benefits the company's long-term business needs. Since 2008, Boeing has contributed ongoing financial support to Australian universities and is currently supporting University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology , University of Melbourne, University of Adelaide and the University of Newcastle, with funds used for student projects, scholarships, awards and student outreach programs

In addition to educating high school and university students, Boeing is dedicated to continued learning for its employees. The company encourages local and international study, and each year across the business, a number of Australian employees undertake professional assignments and gain exposure to programs from a global operations perspective.

Our education efforts also extend to Australian small and medium enterprises working with Boeing. A number of Australian businesses have benefited from assistance in the implementation of initiatives like quality assurance and the lean manufacturing principles of the Boeing production system, which has led to development and expansion of their manufacturing skills and the knowledge and expertise to bid for further work in the aircraft and aerospace industries.

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