Virtual Warfare Center

What more could you achieve with access to the region’s most sophisticated virtual testing ground? Enter our Boeing Virtual Warfare Center (VWC) in Brisbane, Australia, which has been helping customers unlock the power of modelling and simulation for more than 15 years.

In the laboratory we’re joining forces with military and trusted commercial partners to test new products and advanced concepts with pioneering analysis, modelling and experimentation tools. In this low-risk, interactive environment, new ideas can be explored, tested and virtually deployed thousands of times before entering physical production or into service, helping our partners truly understand their problems and providing contestable evidence to support decision-making.

Who we are

Our team of highly experienced former military operation analysts and software engineers leverage their unique skill sets to understand complex problems and deliver innovative solutions for a better tomorrow. Part of Boeing’s Phantom Works Global team, we bring in the best of Boeing internationally. Accessing a depth of knowledge and expertise through our network of state-of-the-art laboratories in the US, UK, India, Saudi Arabia, to support our in-country capability. From building synthetic environments, trialling sustainable aviation technologies and supporting decision-making for classified Defence and National security projects, delivering on your mission is ours.


We are the region’s most experienced simulation and analysis laboratory, helping our customers evolve their operations to remain at the vanguard of today’s commercial and modern combat requirements. For more than 15 years we’ve been working with the Australian Defence Force, government agencies and other nations’ defence forces. Our core modelling and simulation capabilities are advancing aerospace technologies in every domain from autonomous systems to battlespace satellite communications and military and commercial aircraft operations. Our proven framework successfully delivers the most innovative and cost-efficient solutions for our customers. Once you unlock the power of safe and secure modelling, not even the sky’s the limit.

Technologies and Capabilities

Modelling and Simulation

We offer a tailored approach to complex problem-solving with the most sophisticated, multi-domain analysis, modelling, and experimentation tools on hand. Whether it’s a large operator-in-the-loop experiment, a constructive scenario-based simulation, discrete event or cost and capability assessment tool, we’re here to design a unique service that meets the right level of fidelity every time.

When working with the VWC, you’ll have access to:

  • 6,000 ft2 of cutting-edge experimentation and presentation facilities
  • Experiments and analysis up to Secret level
  • Compliance with International Standards for Live, Virtual and Constructive Environments
  • Capability for geographically distributed simulations and injecting virtual entities into live training evolutions
Autonomous Systems

Reimagining the battlespace of tomorrow takes more than creative thinking – it requires proof of concept. By partnering with the Trusted Autonomy Systems Defence Collaborative Research Centre, we’ve proved the power of artificial intelligence in airpower and beyond. Our VWC plays an unparalleled role in prototyping and experimenting with new autonomous concepts in a virtual theatre. Boeing’s Airpower Teaming System first began in this digital ecosystem and continues to be ‘flown’ thousands of times under different conditions to prove its operational readiness. Modelling and simulation are at the heart of every successful autonomous system and the VWC team knows it best.

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Concept Development

Maintaining a competitive edge and keeping ahead of emerging threats requires constant evolution. We work discretely with our defence customers to uncover problems and create solutions for an unknown tomorrow. With experiments and analysis up to Secret level, our model of ongoing collaboration, digital design, test, evaluation and refinement turn ideas into meaningful real-world applications. As demonstrated by our role in first developing Boeing’s MQ-28 Ghost Bat VWC, we use our tried and tested model of advanced digital engineering to take concepts from a piece of paper and bring them to life, supported by the right amount of data. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Sustainable Aviation and Future Mobility

Boeing is committed to partnering across the industry to decarbonize aerospace by 2050 and we’re helping our customers do the same. Our local Phantom Works Global team is part of the Boeing Cascade project, providing core modelling and simulation capabilities to help the industry visualise decarbonization, encourage the adoption of sustainable aviation fuels and model future air mobility and fleet-efficiency improvements. To find out how you can embed sustainability into every stage of your operations, email us today.

Military Domain Expertise

Our tri-service ex-military analysts use their experience and in-depth customer understanding, coupled with the expertise of our hardware and software engineers, to provide tailored analysis for customers. For more than 15 years, we’ve helped the Australian Defence Force, government agencies and other nations’ defence forces create and ideate new products and services that allow them to maintain a competitive edge in a dynamic modern warfare environment.

Joint Battle Management – Development Environment

The Joint Battle Management - Development Environment (JBM-DE) adds an additional level of complexity and realism by enabling Defence, Boeing, suppliers and decision-makers to exploit the full capabilities of a networked and integrated force. Using innovative leading-edge technologies, the JBM-DE affords the opportunity for industry collaboration to enhance operations. Contact us to discuss your requirements.