The AH-64E Apache is the world’s most advanced and proven attack helicopter. It integrates innovative technologies to aid the crew in decision making, offering a new level of battlefield dominance through enhanced performance, increased situational awareness, superior survivability, and improved target detection, acquisition and lethal engagement.

In 2022, the Australian Government selected the Apache as its future attack helicopter, providing Australia with a low-risk, fully-integrated capability that is interoperable with key allies. The first aircraft is scheduled for delivery in late 2025.

The Australian Apaches will join the growing global fleet of more than 1280 aircraft operating in 18 countries, including coalition and regional partners.

Boeing’s Australian Apache industry strategy presents opportunities for the local defence industry, creating jobs and further developing the sovereign aerospace and manufacturing capability.

Boeing Defence Australia has been contracted to assist the Australian Defence Force in delivering maintenance, engineering, aircrew and maintainer training, and logistics for the future fleet of 29 Apaches. More than 230 new roles will be created in Queensland under the contract, developing regional skills and bolstering the local defence industry.

Boeing has also selected five Australian companies – Cablex, Thomas Global Systems, Ferra, Axiom Precision Manufacturing and Mincham – to supply parts, and avionics and structural components, to the Australian or global Apache fleets.

For further information, visit the Boeing AH-64 product page.

Boeing builds the Apache in Mesa, Ariz. Deliveries of the “E” model began in October 2011. Seven customers outside the U.S. have ordered this variant. Including this latest version, the U.S. and 15 other countries have relied on the Apache during the past three decades.

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