The AH-64E Apache offers Australia certainty

In the Commonwealth of Australia's LAND 4503 program, there is only one attack reconnaissance helicopter that can offer the Australian Defence Force the capability, cost, and schedule certainty it requires - the Boeing AH-64E Apache.


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  • 1200+ Apaches in service with customers worldwide
  • More than 4.6 million flight hours with the U.S. Army
  • 16 global customers
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  • Active production line projected until at least 2028
  • Proven fully-integrated reconnaissance capability
  • Link 16 and Manned Unmanned Teaming Integration
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  • Enhanced situational awareness sensors
  • Integrated surveillance and targeting system
  • Flexible weapons payloads
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  • US Army Apache Modernisation Program until late 2040s
  • In service with US Army planned to 2060
  • Participation in Team Apache



The AH-64E Apache advanced and fully-integrated capabilities are combat proven by more than 1.2 million combat flight hours in service with the U.S. Army and a global fleet of more than 1200 helicopters across 16 countries. The Apache is the most tested, proven attack helicopter flying today, with more than 4.6 million flight hours by the U.S. Army alone.

The only platform that meets all of the Australian Army's expected LAND 4503 program requirements without modification, the AH-64E Apache offers proven Link 16 networking and Manned Unmanned Teaming Unmanned Aerial System integration capability today.


The Apache's foreign military sale process provides cost certainty through the agreement between the U.S. Government and Australia. Under this arrangement, Australia would also benefit from mature support services, as well as future upgrades.

"There's some misperception that because of the world-leading capability of this aircraft, there's a high acquisition cost. If cost were really an issue, I can't imagine that Apache would be as successful as it is globally.”

Terry Jamison, Director, Vertical Lift International Sales, Boeing Defense, Space and Security.


Schedule certainty is achieved through Boeing's active production line until 2028, a U.S. Army modernization program until the late 2040s, and a U.S. Army commitment to operate the Apache until at least 2060. Decades of planned and U.S. Government-funded production and development ensures Apache’s global operators get the aircraft, and the service and support they need.


The U.S. Army Modernization Program includes improvements to aircraft performance, interoperability, weapons, sensors, maintainability and aircraft survivability. Each operator country, including Australia once the Apaches are delivered, is part of Team Apache which includes the opportunity to collaborate with the U.S. Army and other international operators to assist in guiding future modernisation efforts.

Future certainty will be supported through a low-risk transition from initial services provided as part of the acquisition process to in-country sustainment balanced with the Apache’s proven global support system. To achieve this, Boeing is currently seeking expressions of interest from Australian small and medium enterprises across 43 capabilities to support future programs like LAND 4503 and its existing programs including the CH-47 Chinook and Helicopter Aircrew Training System. To register an interest, visit the ICN Gateway.


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