• Boeing offers AH-64E Apache for Australia’s reconnaissance helicopter program

    • The AH-64E Apache has proven itself globally as a reconnaissance and combat platform
    • Boeing’s Australia-based operations would maintain fleet.

    CANBERRA, Australia,  August 30, 2019 - Boeing [NYSE:BA] today offered the AH-64E Apache to the Commonwealth of Australia in its search for a new reconnaissance helicopter platform.

    The government is seeking 29 helicopters that would reach full operating capability by 2029. It’s also seeking the availability of local industrial capability to sustain the fleet. The aircraft would replace the nation’s current fleet of Eurocopter Tiger helicopters.

    The Apache, flown by the United States and 15 other countries, has recorded more than 4.5 million flight hours with the U.S. Army alone. There are currently 1,180 Apaches in service today.

    Australia would not only benefit from the AH-64’s mission capabilities, it would also enjoy its technological and strategic advantages against adversary aircraft; a global parts and supply network and a domestic training, support and sustainment team. Boeing’s Australia operations currently support the nation’s C-17 Globemaster III, Airborne Early Warning & Control and other systems, helping to grow Australia’s domestic aerospace and defence industry and supply base.

    “Boeing’s AH-64E Apache is known for its survivability, sustainability, interoperability and reconnaissance capability,” said Terry Jamison, Global Sales and Marketing, Defense, Space and Security. “As an Apache operator, Australia would join coalition countries, including the US and UK, and regional partners Singapore, Indonesia, Japan and the Republic of Korea.”

    Australia would also benefit from the US Government’s Apache Modernization program, which will see the platform upgraded through the late-2040s and beyond to ensure global fleet partners continue to operate the most advanced multi-role combat helicopter for decades to come.

    Boeing’s proposal is in response to a request for information from the Commonwealth of Australia’s LAND 4503 Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter (ARH) replacement program.

    “The benefits of Apache for Australia are more significant than continued platform upgrades,” said Darren Edwards, vice president and managing director, Boeing Defence Australia. “Boeing plans to deliver support services in-country and engage local suppliers to maximise Australian industry involvement for the ARH replacement program.”

    For more information on the AH-64E Apache, visit https://www.boeing.com/defense/ah-64-apache/.