• My name is Alexander Bowen-Rotsaert and I’m building something smarter.

    June 21, 2016
    When I was young, I had two passions: finding out how things worked, and anything that could fly. In early primary school, I remember taking things like pens apart to learn how they worked, then I’d use the parts to build something else. I would also spend hours searching through journals and magazines for anything on space – articles, photos, interviews with astronauts – and paste them into a space scrapbook.

    In high school, I joined a team that entered – and twice won – the Australian Space Design Competition (ASDC), leading us to compete in the International Space Settlement Design Competition in the US. Seven years on, I still advise to the ASDC and mentor high school teams.

    Given my love of aerospace and predilection for problem-solving, I chose to study mechanical and aerospace engineering at the University of Queensland. In 2013, my thesis won the Data Processing and Electronics category in the Australian Space Prize, offered by the Victoria Space Science Education Centre and NASA. I also undertook engineering studies in the Netherlands and entrepreneurial business studies in South Korea, all of which gave me a wealth of experience.

    That success paved the way for me to secure a role as a systems engineer at Boeing Defence Australia. I’m currently working at the leading edge of systems engineering, helping design a new battlespace communication system for the Australian Defence Force.

    As a systems engineer, this is the type of project I’ve always dreamed of working on. The technology we’re developing has never before been used by the Australian Defence Force, which makes what we’re doing both exciting and revolutionary.

    Boeing Defence Australia works on projects that need to be integrated into extremely demanding situations, such as foreign military combat operations and civilian search and rescues. These complex projects mean there’s tremendous scope to work on interesting and challenging development projects, with very talented people, and on some pretty amazing technology and equipment.

    If you’re like Alex and want to build something smarter, visit www.boeing.com.au/bdacareers.