• Boeing welcomes record number of summer interns

    December 21, 2017

    More than 60 students will put their university studies into practice this summer, becoming the largest contingent of undergraduates to join the Boeing Defence Australia Summer Vacation Internship Program.

    As a strong proponent of gender equity, Boeing continued its focus on recruiting more women into the paid internship program, resulting in 38% female participation in 2017-18.

    Ranging from second to final year, the internship program provides students with hands-on experience in the fast-paced global aerospace industry before they graduate.

    Summer Intern, Katrina Lo Surdo is working with Boeing Defence Australia on test automation for the E-7A Wedgetail while studying her fourth year of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Queensland.

    “I’ve always wanted to work in aerospace and the opportunity to work for such a big company like Boeing here in Brisbane is awesome. The company has a huge emphasis on diversity and the workplace culture is really great – everyone is so nice.”

    “I’m so happy with the Wedgetail project I am working on because it’s making a real difference for the Royal Australian Air Force. It’s not ‘busy work’ or data entry – its meaningful, real world engineering,” said Lo Surdo.

    Boeing Defence Australia human resources director Melissa Davidson said the three-month placement enables students to gain a better understanding of the industry while building a strong resume to carve their own career path.

    “With the broadest portfolio in Australian aerospace, an internship with Boeing provides students with a unique opportunity to discover their passion and gives them the support they need to pursue their dream job,” said Davidson.

    “The program is ongoing with successful students invited to return each year to continue their practical studies across different parts of the business until they graduate.

    “As the Australian aerospace industry becomes increasingly complex, Boeing is committed to developing a skilled and diverse workforce with the knowledge and experience to position Australia at the leading edge of aerospace.”

    The interest in Boeing’s Australian summer internship program extends to Boeing Aerostructures Australia in Fishermans Bend, outside of Melbourne. This year, they welcomed 11 undergraduate interns working across the site including at Boeing Research and Technology – Australia, which has a team co-located at the manufacturing site.

    Australian students pursuing a graduate position with Boeing are encouraged to participate in the internship program during tertiary study. Applications for the Summer Vacation Internship Program open annually early-to-mid-year via www.boeing.com/careers/