• Boeing retains High Frequency sustainment and enhancement contracts

    • Contract extensions safeguard future of long-range high frequency communication system to 2022.

    June 5, 2019

    Boeing Defence Australia has recently signed three-year contract extensions valued at more than AUD $62 million to operate, maintain and enhance the Defence High Frequency Communications System (DHFCS).

    DHFCS provides the Australian Defence Force (ADF) with a world leading, software-enabled, long-range high frequency communications system and delivers critical backup in the event of a satellite-denied or -degraded environment.

    Boeing’s proven capability in managing the system has resulted in extensions to the Support Services Contract (SSC) and Network Operations Support Contract (NOSC).

    “These contract extensions evidence our track-record of providing enduring value, anticipating customer needs and continually raising the bar on providing reliable, efficient and contemporary operation of the DHFCS,” said Boeing Joint Systems Director, Murray Brabrook.  

    “Boeing has been a trusted partner in the evolution of DHFCS over the past 20 years and remains steadfastly committed to delivering the future of high frequency communication in Australia.

    “Specifically, the SSC has enabled Boeing to develop unrivalled expertise in managing modernisation and designing and installing upgrades to this strategic communication capability which is vital to supporting the men and women of the ADF,” said Brabrook. 

    Also included in the SSC is back-end engineering services and system support for the NOSC which provides the on-site operation and maintenance of the fixed network high frequency stations in Exmouth, Darwin, Townsville and Riverina and Network Management Facilities in Canberra.

    The SSC and NOSC have been extended to June 2022.