• Boeing Defence Australia officially certified to start maintenance of the Republic of Singapore Air Force’s CH-47F aircraft at Oakey Detachment

    June 22, 2021

    Boeing Defence Australia (BDA) has bolstered its position as a leading provider of sustainment services after being officially certified to begin its inaugural contract with the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) for maintenance of the CH-47F aircraft at Oakey Detachment.

    The RSAF recently presented BDA with the Interim Approved Maintenance Organisation certificate which signifies that BDA is authorised to provide maintenance functions and logistics support services for the RSAF’s CH-47F aircraft.

    RSAF Oakey Detachment Commander Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy Neo presented the certificate after the arrival of the CH-47F aircraft at Oakey Detachment, Swartz Barracks, west of Brisbane.

    The contract has boosted both local industry and jobs in the region, increasing BDA’s maintenance workforce by 64 new positions.

    “This key milestone marks the first time BDA has had the opportunity to support this valuable customer,” said Amy List, BDA director, Sustainment Operations.

    “Our rotary wing sustainment teams at Oakey and Townsville have established themselves as highly trusted and capable sustainment providers for the Australian Army’s Kiowas, Black Hawks and Chinooks over the past 20 years.

    “This inaugural RSAF sustainment support contract is a strong endorsement of their capabilities and highlights the regional significance of the services capabilities we’ve developed in Australia and our commitment to meeting our customers’ present and future needs.”