• Australia takes new Boeing communications system to APEC

    December 13, 2018

    Boeing’s Currawong Battlespace Communications System has completed its first operational deployment, successfully supporting Australian Defence Force (ADF) security operations as leaders gathered for the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) summit in Papua New Guinea.

    Program director of Boeing Defence Australia’s Project Currawong Ian Vett said the rapid rate at which the system reached deployed operations since declaring Initial Operating Capability in March spoke to the confidence the ADF has in the next-generation communications system.

    “Our team is incredibly happy with the feedback we’ve received on Currawong’s first operational deployment,” said Vett. “It proved itself to be a highly capable, reliable and mobile communications system that enabled the seamless flow of information.”

    The world’s most advanced battlespace communications system, Currawong provided huge transfer capacity of voice, graphics, video and text data needed to support real-time situational awareness for Operation APEC Assist commanders and their staff.

    COL Joanne Whittaker, Army Headquarters, stated the Army was impressed with the Currawong Integrated Battlespace Telecommunications Network System capability during the operation and that Boeing should be ‘very proud’ of the first Operational deployment of the Currawong System where it worked reliably and effectively.

    LTCOL Blaydon Morris, Commanding Officer 1st Signal Regiment and the J6 for OP APEC stated, “Noting this is the first operational deployment for Currawong, it was essential to the successful conduct of the operation. The flexibility it provided to Commander JTF658, MAJGEN Paul McLachlan, in executing the mission was revolutionary and has proven a significant step forward in the ADF’s modernisation.”

    Ian Vett echoed these sentiments stating, “We’re proud to have delivered a system that not only enables the timely receipt of accurate information but ensures that information is presented in a format that can be readily digested and shared to support the chain of command.”

    The modern Currawong Battlespace Communications System replaces bulky, static and complicated legacy systems with a mobile, scalable, and easy to operate ‘plug and play’ communications capability that can be quickly established in theatre.

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