• Boeing blazes a defence research trail with Adelaide university

    May 10, 2022

    Boeing Australia will collaborate with the University of Adelaide and University of New South Wales through the Defence Trailblazer Concept to Sovereign Capability (CSC) project to help fast-track research outcomes into the next generation of Australian-made defence products.

    Boeing will contribute to the $50 million government-funded project through its protoype development arm, Phantom Works International, while drawing in the broader enterprise to continue advancing existing capabilities in autonomy, simulation, technical integration of systems and a strong Australian small to medium enterprise (SME) network.

    “We have a long relationship with universities and research groups to further innovation as we celebrate 95 years in Australia this year,” said Emily Hughes director of Phantom Works International. “This project enables us to continue to expand our partnerships across academia, SMEs and the defence industry to translate research findings into leading-edge capabilities for the benefit of Australia’s sovereign capability.”

    “Our specialisation across all these areas and enduring partnership with the Australian Defence Force will aid in the translation of defence research into meaningful products that have a greater likelihood of making it into physical production lines right here in Australia,” said Hughes.

    “Key to this success is Boeing’s adoption of digital engineering and modelling and simulation across the entire product lifecycle, including in our Systems Analysis Laboratory, which has been helping customers test ideas and push platforms to the limits in complex simulated threat environments for more than 15 years.”

    As part of the CSC project Boeing has expressed an interest in focusing on the priority research areas of robotics, autonomous systems and AI, with a particular focus on undersea autonomy.

    “CSC will result in a profound and transformative change to our defence innovation landscape, and will meet a long-held ambition to build more sovereign capability for the Australian defence sector,” said Professor Peter Høj, Vice-Chancellor and President, University of Adelaide.

    “CSC will grow Australian prosperity by creating new sovereign defence capabilities and strengthening supply chain resilience, all nested in the national interest.”

    Boeing celebrates 95 years in Australia
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