• Boeing awarded P-8A Poseidon sustainment contract

    July 27, 2020

    Boeing Defence Australia (BDA) has signed a A$287 million sustainment contract for the Royal Australian Air Force’s fleet of 12 P-8A Poseidon Maritime Patrol Aircraft.

    The initial six-year contract, which amalgamates three existing support contracts – one led by BDA and two which were subcontracted to Boeing Defense, Space and Security through the US Navy – covers maintenance, engineering and logistics and increases BDA’s scope of works on the platform.

    “Since standing up the interim sustainment contract in 2016, BDA has partnered with the RAAF to support the seamless introduction into service of this critical new capability, and ensured the highest levels of operational availability to enable the P-8A to perform its critical maritime patrol role,” said BDA director of Commercial Derivative Aircraft, Darryn Fletcher. 

    “Under this new contract, BDA will not only be responsible for the Australian elements of the sustainment program but also takes on a platform steward role. This means taking full ownership for everything needed to keep the platform flying and broadens BDA’s responsibilities to include asset management, aircraft-on-ground responsibilities, and cyber-worthiness amongst other tasks.”

    “Defence recognises BDA’s strong P-8A sustainment performance since the successful introduction of the capability in 2016, and their essential contribution to the P-8A capability,” said Air Commodore David Scheul, Director General of Aerospace Surveillance and Response platforms in Defence’s Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group.

    “Under the platform stewardship model we look forward to BDA continuing to improve operational and capability outcomes for Air Force, in concert with US Navy provided sustainment and capability development support under the P-8A Cooperative Program.”

    BDA and its principal sub-contractor, Airbus Australia Pacific are presently providing support to the P-8A transition into service under a four-year interim contract which expires in October 2020.

    The teaming arrangement with Airbus will continue for this new contract which will be operational from 6 October 2020.