About Boeing Australia Component Repairs

Boeing Australia Component Repairs (BACR), a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company has operated in Melbourne, Australia since 1990 and is equipped with extensive facilities to maintain, repair, overhaul, modify and manage a wide range of composite, bonded and conventional metal aircraft structures for both commercial and military operations.

The company has its origins within three organisations with great traditions and capabilities in the aircraft industry, Aerospace Technologies Australia Limited (previously Government Aircraft Factory, 1939), Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (1936), and Hawker De Havilland (1927).

BACR is one of the very few maintenance repair organisations (MROs) in the Asia Pacific region that is directly related to a primary original equipment manufacturer and as a consequence is able to operate a cost-effective, fast turnaround time business offering a unique, distinctive and sustainable competitive solution.

The company can offer its customers greater value with links to other major OEM capabilities in Australia and beyond, including Boeing Aerostructures Australia, Boeing Research & Technology-Australia and Boeing Defence Australia. The added value and deep technical backup of this OEM network supplements BACR's already extensive in-house capabilities and provides a practical means to minimising costs and delivering improved value-for-money solutions to our customers.

BACR holds a wide range of MRO-specific tooling, equipment and processes. These include stocks of advanced composite prepregs, adhesive films, bond tooling, autoclaves, clean room facilities, non-destructive testing equipment, robotics and on-wing repair capability.

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Airworthiness Regulatory Approvals

  • FAA: FAR145 (Air Agency Certificate No.: T0QY719Y)
  • EASA: PART145 (Approval Certificate No.: EASA145.0075)
  • CASA: PART145 Maintenance Organisation (Approval Certificate Number: CASA.145.0082, Ref. No.: 1-QFMJX)

Aerospace Standard

  • AS9110 – QMS: Requirements for Aviation Maintenance Organizations (Approval Number: AS 9110 – 00014147)

Australian Defence Force

  • DASA: DASR145 Approval Certificate: AUS.DASA.145.000016
  • DASA: DASR21 Approval Certificate: AUS.DASA21J.0023

ISO - Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Certifications

  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System – ISO 45001
  • Environment Management System - ISO 14001
  • Quality Management System - ISO 9001