Across the globe, good corporate citizenship is a core value of The Boeing Company and integral to the way its business is conducted. Giving back to the communities in which we live and work is essential, and in Australia, this is no exception. Boeing in Australia provides grants to civic, environment, health and education organizations including:

  • FIRST Australia and FIRST New Zealand are not simply about building robots! Student team members are equipped with skills such as leadership and collaboration through their love of innovation with real-world engineering project competitions.
  • The YMCA Canberra Space Squad introduces students in Years 7-9 to STEM career options in the Australian Space Industry, and provides hands-on opportunities to learn about design, engineering, robots, drone piloting and geo-mapping.
  • The Clontarf Foundation and STARS Foundation both provide services in schools for boys and girls to support and improve educational matters such as improving school attendance and year 12 completion, future employment opportunities and overall health outcomes.
  • Mission Australia provides services to reduce homelessness and strengthen communities across Australia, by helping people secure jobs, receive an education, find housing and develop important life skills.
  • Military and veterans organizations : Click to learn more.

Boeing Australia employees also support charities throughout the year during fundraising or awareness drives. Further, Boeing employees can make contributions to charities through Boeing’s workplace giving program.

Being part of a community also means being there when times get tough, and Boeing has played a part in making financial donations to communities at times of great need in Australia.

At Boeing Australia, whether it’s with civic organisations or during times of emergency, our nearly 5000 employees are here to help.