From surveillance capabilities to systems development and integration, Boeing helps navies around the world to support regional security and protect national interests in increasingly challenging, contested and congested maritime environments.
Boeing has delivered surveillance and navigation systems, communications and sensors, control and weapons systems and self-defence systems on ships and submarines throughout the world. Our maritime capabilities also include the P-8A Poseidon designed for long-range anti-submarine warfare; anti-surface warfare; and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

The company’s ongoing commitment to research, development and innovation has created a strong legacy on platforms such as the ScanEagle, the industry-leading ship borne Remotely Piloted Aircraft System and the Echo Voyager, the latest and largest undersea unmanned vehicle.

During Pacific 2019, Boeing will demonstrate how it can help integrated defence forces bring expeditionary capability to deliver effective maritime operations in the future.

Sovereign Maritime Capabilities

Boeing Australia’s 3000-strong team offers a broad range of in-country capabilities including:

  • Systems Development and Integration
  • Sustainment Services
  • Autonomous Systems and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems
  • Performance Modelling and Integration Analysis
  • Surveillance and Communications
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Supply Chain Development and Management
  • Training Systems and Services
  • Composite Manufacturing

On Display

Autonomous Systems
Echo Voyager

As Australia undertakes the largest recapitalisation of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) since World War 2, it will become increasingly necessary to integrate unmanned and autonomous vehicles into the force structure and the effects will be game changing. Autonomous platforms, like Boeing’s Echo Voyager, are force multipliers, complimenting and supplementing missions.
Find out more about the Echo Voyager.


Featuring upgraded avionics, increased payload capability and a new heavy fuel purpose-built propulsion system, Insitu’s latest ScanEagle delivers dramatically improved reliability and performance.
Visit Insitu Pacific to find out more about the ScanEagle.

Wave Glider

Designed and manufactured by Liquid Robotics, a Boeing company, the Wave Glider is the most experienced ocean surface robot on the planet expanding data collection and transforming subsea sensors into real-time information sources.
Visit Liquid Robotics to find out more about the Wave Glider.

Persistent Anti-Submarine Warfare

Australia’s strategic geography exposes it disproportionately to future undersea threats. Persistent anti-submarine warfare, where platforms operate to their full potential as part of a strike reconnaissance network is critical to broad spectrum underwater situational awareness and anti-submarine warfare.
Boeing’s display includes a demonstration of the critical role the P-8A Poseidon and unmanned underwater vehicles, acting as part of network, play in the persistence of anti-submarine warfare and in protecting the region’s national security.

Communications Systems

Communication enables the ‘information domain’ where previously perceived boundaries between sea, land and air environments must no longer exist if joint effects are to be delivered and power projected from the sea onto land. Improved acoustics and communications technologies will also help address under sea surveillance challenges through networked underwater sensors.

Boeing has designed and developed communications systems used by the Australian Defence Force and on display at Pacific 2019 including the sovereign capability Defence High Frequency Communication System and Currawong Battlespace Communications System.