The term 'information age' is as relevant for the defence industry as any other. Defence forces operate in complex, remote and contested environments where operational outcomes are highly dependent on assured access to resilient communications.

The Australian Defence Force's C2 and ISR mission systems generate, process and transmit increasing amounts of information and the ability to share the right information across the battlespace is an important warfighting function. Joint, multi-domain forces will rely heavily on resilient, secure, high-bandwidth communications systems to meet their information requirements in an increasingly contested and congested environment.

Boeing Defence Australia designs and delivers integrated communications systems that are highly automated, reliable, resilient and flexible. Our communications programs include:

  • Defence High Frequency Communication System
  • Integrated Battlespace Telecommunications Network (Project Currawong)
  • Tactical Data Links

During MilCIS 2019, we will demonstrate how our Australian-developed communications systems are supporting the Australian Defence Force today and how our technology and development methodologies will help to create the highly automated, flexible communications systems of tomorrow.


Boeing Australia's 3000-strong team offers a broad range of in-country capabilities including:

  • Systems Development and Integration
  • Upgrade and Sustainment Services
  • Performance Modelling and Integration Analysis
  • Electromagnetic and Environmental Test and Certification
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Supply Chain Development and Management
  • Training Systems and Services


Our technical experts will be at MilCIS 2019 to discuss the latest developments in communications systems and technology as well as presenting as part of the MilCIS conference program.

Tuesday 12 November, 1.30pm
Session 1.5c
Product Brief: The Evolution of the Wideband Global SATCOM System to Meet Tomorrow's Warfighting Needs
Ron Burch, Boeing Defense, Space and Security

Session 1.5d
Product Brief: I-BTN, The Future Deployed Tactical Network is Here Now, Providing a Modern Network Architecture for the ADF to Adopt
LTCOL Clifford White, CASG & Darcy Rawlinson, Boeing Defence Australia

Wednesday 13 November, 1.30pm
Session 2.5b
Product Brief: HF in the Smart Phone Age: Operational Considerations of HF Systems and Integration with Other Military Bearers
Caroline Stinson & Arnstein Johansen, Boeing Defence Australia

Thursday 14 November, 9.00am
Session 3.2f
Refereed Paper: The Evolving Space Systems Integrator Role in a Dynamic, Contested Environment
Ron Burch, Boeing Defense, Space and Security