• Safe Travels

    Boeing’s systems engineering capability makes Australian air travel safer for civilians and the military

    December 09, 2013

    Every week, thousands of Australians fly in and out of remote locations like Karratha, Boolgeeda and Christmas Creek — these airfields are the backbone of the country’s mining industry.

    “If the miners don’t arrive at their destinations due to poor weather at the destination aerodrome, then mining production is affected and in some cases halted,” said David Bree, a Business Development executive at Boeing subsidiary Jeppesen. “Any disruption to schedules can have significant economic impact to the mining industry. What we do is reduce the risk of this happening while increasing safety for our customers.”

    Jeppesen does that through its design and implementation of Terminal Instrumental Flight Procedures at several mining locations in Western Australia, enabling aircraft to fly approaches into remote airfields in inclement weather.

    Those same flight procedures have also been implemented at several Australian shipping ports, enabling helicopter operators to conduct marine-pilot transfer operations in poor weather.

    “The process of transferring Australian ship captains by helicopter to and from the vessels is sometimes complex, demanding and often dangerous,” said Bree. “But our technology makes this process safer, reduces risk, and increases schedule integrity. “

    Boeing’s work on flight safety extends to the nation’s military as well, with the company’s Vigilare command-and-control system delivering improved situational awareness for the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Recent upgrades to the system enhanced its air traffic control capabilities as well as overall monitoring of the system to minimise outages.

    “These upgrades highlight our commitment to improving Australia’s already unprecedented situational awareness in civil and military air space,” said Bill Madley, general manager of Information & Operational Services for Boeing Defence Australia. “The enhancements we continue to make to Vigilare and other Boeing-created systems translate into increased safety for the country’s military and civilian airspace.