• Helping the veterans that make us better

    April 24, 2018


    When Georgie McLean left the Australian Army in 2010 after an eight year career, she struggled with the transition from a life out of uniform.

    “The values instilled in us during our service remain part of who we are, even when we stop serving, but corporate roles don’t always offer the same sense of purpose,” Georgie said.

    “Leaving the Army was difficult enough, but finding a job that had the same sense of purpose was even harder.”

    Georgie’s story is not unique. Approximately 5,200 people leave the Australian Defence Force each year* and for many individuals, the transition to civilian life is a significant challenge.

    Many ex-defence personnel struggle to find meaningful connections outside the military, resulting in higher rates of mental health issues and increased rates of suicide.

    Recognising the risks facing veterans, Boeing embarked on a mission in 2017 to better understand the needs of our veteran workforce and to enhance opportunities to support organisations working to improve outcomes for ex-service personnel.

    For Georgie, joining Boeing has given her a sense of belonging, purpose and value similar to what she experienced in the Army.

    “Working on Boeing’s Super Hornet and Growler programs at RAAF Base Amberley means I remain connected to the ADF’s mission, and that was something very important to me when I retired from service.”

    This year, Boeing is continuing to implement a range of new initiatives that will support a smoother transition and offer a rewarding career to improve the lives of veteran employees .

    This ANZAC Day, Boeing honours our veteran workforce and the unique skills and abilities they offer. At Boeing, #VeteransMakeUsBetter.

    *Source: https://www.pm.gov.au/media/government-launches-veterans-employment-awards