• Boeing breathing life into STEM studies

    December 4, 2017

    Boeing Australia has teamed up with the Aerospace Gateway Schools Program and state education departments in Queensland and South Australia to bring the cutting-edge aerospace industry to life in high school classrooms.

    In a culture that often celebrates sports and celebrity more than science, it can be a challenge to encourage early education students to pursue science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects.

    Modelled off the successful Aerospace Gateway Schools Program in Queensland, Boeing is sharing its knowledge and resources with the South Australian Department for Education and Child Development as part of initial discussions to explore opportunities to develop approaches that translate real-world industry content into accessible programs for teachers and their students.

    Speaking at the inaugural Australian Defence Magazine STEM in Defence Summit, Boeing university relations and STEM senior manager Sandra James said the key was to connect classrooms with inspiring real-world examples.

    “We can’t just tell students where an education in STEM can lead, we need to show them – and that’s where industry has a key role to play,” said James.

    “By giving teachers the tools and information they need to inspire and nurture a child’s curiosity and interest in science, we’re empowering the next generation with a set of skills that will set them up for the jobs of the future.”

    Established by Boeing in partnership with the Queensland Government and Aviation Australia in 2004 the Aerospace Gateway Schools program is a long-range talent pipeline initiative where participating high schools partner with aerospace industry companies to deliver the ‘Aerospace Studies’ subject.

    This year, Boeing and the Aerospace Gateway Schools program extended the Queensland program to include direct student pathways into tertiary education.

    Queensland high school students who study the ‘Aerospace Studies’ (or ‘Aerospace Systems’ from 2019) course can earn bonus QTAC ranks entry into an engineering degree at QUT and are eligible to receive two bonus admission ranks towards most undergraduate programs through the Griffith University Year 12 Subject Bonus Scheme. Students who achieve Very High Achievement will be granted direct entry into an engineering degree at the University of Queensland.