• Biden at Boeing

    The US Vice President Visits Boeing Aerostructures Australia

    July 18, 2016

    Boeing Aerostructures Australia (BAA) was honoured to host Vice President of the United States Joe Biden on Monday 18 July. Vice President Biden toured the 787 Dreamliner production area at the Fishermans Bend facility. BAA is the sole source supplier of 787 moveable trailing edges, comprising of an inboard flap, flaperon, outboard flap and aileron.

    “You’re on the cutting edge of technology and aerospace,” Vice President Biden said after walking through the 787 production area. “This is an incredible facility and it reflects the true economic partnership that exists between the United States of America and Australia.”

    During his tour through the facility, team lead Caine Hayes and aerospace tradesman Jithin Manohar briefed the Vice President on the assembly and fastening processes for the 787 flap.

    “I don’t think I’m going to get the words to explain how I felt here. It was great. I’m meeting the Vice President of the United States and that’s a one-time opportunity,” Manohar said after the visit concluded.

    Standing in front of a mural of Boeing’s commercial airplanes after the tour, the Vice President noted Boeing’s role in helping to foster economic ties between the US and Australia. “Boeing, in my view, is an example of where investment in Australia are mutually beneficial to both our countries,” said the Vice President.

    Maureen Dougherty, president of Boeing Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific, said “Vice President Biden saw what those of us who work for Boeing in Australia know: our company holds a special place in this country because of our long history here and the products and services we provide for both commercial and defence customers.”

    In addition to the work BAA does for 787 and the 737/747/777 programs, the facility benefits from co-located Boeing Research & Technology-Australia employees who help drive innovation quickly to the production floor for continuous quality and productivity gains.

    Lauren Burns, a Boeing Research & Technology-Australia engineer, was in the audience during the speech.

    "It was amazing that the Vice President of the United States chose to visit our site and take the time to understand the research and manufacturing we do here in Australia.”