Information & Operational Services (I&OS) provides complex command, control and communications systems and mission critical infrastructure support, specialist engineering services, and information and cyber-security solutions for defence and government customers. Key projects and/or products include:
  • Command and Control Solutions



    Boeing's Vigilare system combines information in near real time from platforms and sensors to support tactical and strategic surveillance operations and battlespace management. Live inputs present a unified operational picture for operators at single or multiple centers. Vigilare is the core of the Royal Australian Air Force's (RAAF) air defence surveillance network, providing enhanced battlespace management capability to support operations and training of Air Combat Officers and Air Surveillance Operators in ground and airborne environments. Vigilare can also be linked to the RAAF's mobile air defence system, to provide surveillance data and communications when deployed in the field.

    Network Centric Command and Control System

    Boeing's Network Centric Command and Control System (NC3S) is an exportable version of Vigilare for international customers. NC3S is one of the world's most sophisticated Command and Control (C2) systems. NC3S integrates advanced technologies with airborne and ground-based platforms to give commanders real time situational awareness. It gives commanders the confidence to make on the spot decisions.

  • Managed Network Communications


    High Frequency Modernisation Program Network Operation Support

    Boeing Defence Australia has developed the Australian Defence Force’s single, secure and survivable High Frequency Modernised (HFMOD) Communications System used for the command and control of deployed forces. This system incorporates frequency prediction tools and automated frequency selection to establish and maintain military communications between ships, aircraft, ground forces and headquarters.

    Modernised High Frequency Communications System

    Modernised High Frequency Communications System (MHFCS) is a managed long rage communications capability designed and built in Australia to meet the rigorous standards of the Australian Defence Force, facilitating the secure exchange of information between fixed and mobile stations using one integrated system. MHFCS is similar to a mobile phone system with no operator intervention necessary and guaranteed levels of data delivery, meaning both voice and data are fully automated, reliable and error-free from end to end. The MHFCS offers a fully automated advanced frequency management capability that, without user intervention, automatically selects the most appropriate frequency/antenna/node combination to ensure the best available signal to noise ratio for automated calls.  The product is a proven and fielded system after being implemented by the Australian Defence Force in 2009 where superior communications coverage between geographically dispersed defence has been experienced. The system was designed and tested to meet the demanding conditions of air, land and sea environments and is a cost effective alternative to more expensive communications solutions with no ongoing call charges and no limitations on the time of operation or volume of data.

    Wideband Global SATCOM

    As part of a cooperative agreement with the United States U.S.), Australia will access the sixth Wideband Global SATCOM satellite expected to launch in the fourth quarter of 2012. This high-capacity communications satellite provides critical high-data-rate connections for U.S. armed forces and Australian Defence Force personnel.

    Intelsat IS-22 Satellite
    The Boeing Company is a world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of satellites for government, civil and commercial customers. Boeing is building Intelsat Ltd’s IS-22 satellite carrying an Ultra High Frequency payload to serve the Australian Defence Force. Intelsat 22 is Boeing’s first 702MP (medium-power) spacecraft, which represents the company’s expansion into the medium-sized satellite market. An evolution of Boeing’s 702 satellite, the 702MP uses proven technology and a modular design approach to provide the Australian Defence Force with services in a fraction of the time it typically takes to deliver a traditional military satellite.

  • Engineering Services


    Tactical Data Link Engineering Services
    BDA support airborne and ground-based Command and Control systems with Tactical Data Link capabilities. Boeing provides expert Tactical Data Link professional services to second or third party organisations, such as system acquirers, software development organisations and test agencies.

    Software Engineering
    BDA provide mature Software Engineering services that balance the discipline expected for complex system development with the effectiveness achieved from Lean and Agile software development methods.

    Systems Engineering, Integration and Verification
    BDA systems engineering, integration and verification capability represents the best in industry practice and we are able to achieve demanding expectations through close engagement, rigorous planning and oversight of engineering activities and the application of Boeing developed engineering techniques.

  • Cyber & Information Solutions


    Cyber & Information Solutions
    BDA has a decade of experience delivering cyber and information services to Australia's information, security and intelligence organisations. Boeing operates one of the world’s largest Virtual Private Networks with a cyber-security portfolio that extends from our high-tech outpost in California’s Silicon Valley to the Systems Analysis Laboratory in Brisbane, Australia. We provide cyber analysis and modelling expertise to help our customers understand the growing cyber threat. Our products include solutions for active network monitoring and anomaly alerting, cross security domain information sharing and tracking and receiver systems.