BDA Community Affairs

Across the globe, good corporate citizenship is a core value of The Boeing Company and integral to the way its business is conducted. Giving back to the communities in which we live and work is essential, and for Boeing companies operating in Australia, this is no exception.

Boeing Defence Australia has supported a number of charitable organisations including:
  • Australian Youth Aerospace Organisation: a not for profit organisation managed by student volunteers with the objective of promoting the aerospace industry to young Australians. Two major events are held each year, including the Australian Youth Aerospace Forum for high school students and the Aerospace Futures conference for undergraduate and postgraduate university students. The AYAA also operates AeroDesign that facilitates hands on aerospace projects for students.
  • The National Aviation Press Club which objects to provide a platform for journalists and others contributing to aviation journalism and communications in Australia to share best practice.
  • Biofuels Association of Australia with the 2011 Biofuels Summit
  • AUVS – Australia as part of the UAV Outback initiative
  • Reserve Forces Day Council

Boeing employees are also engaged in the annual Boeing Global Day of Service, when they volunteer to work in areas of need in their local communities - for example, aged care, home repairs, supplying meals and many other forms of assistance.

BDA Sponsorship

Boeing Defence Australia’s Business Sponsorships & Business Donations focus on building long-term relationships by supporting a select number of events and activities that amplify Boeing business strategies.

Sponsorship applications 2012 have closed.  Organisations, however, are welcome to submit letters of inquiry to Boeing Defence Australia online for Business Sponsorships & Business Donations for 2013 and beyond by clicking here.

Please note, because of the volume of requests we receive, we no longer accept requests by telephone, fax, mail, or email. All requests must be lodged through the Boeing Defence Australia cybergrants system.

In order to be considered for a Business Sponsorship or Business Donation, applicants must first submit a letter of inquiry as part of the cybergrants process and then be invited to submit more detailed information. 

Evaluation Criteria

Applications are evaluated for:
  • Stakeholder relations: The ability to reach targeted audiences and build relationships with community, government and business leaders, as well as provide opportunities to network and interact with and engage prospective new business customers.
  • Brand Alignment: Throughout its history Boeing has distinguished itself from its competitors by demonstrating unique characteristics that define our brand. The Boeing brand is dedicated to providing solutions that are fair, honest, innovative and that value diversity, collaboration, precision and leadership.
  • Employee Involvement: The potential to leverage the business sponsorship or business donation with additional resource investment e.g. providing an opportunity for employees to be involved with the organisation, such as establishing a mentoring or volunteering-related business sponsorship or business donation.
  • Long-term Investment: The opportunity to create long-term value, potential for sustainable partnerships or relations and/or linkages to specific Boeing products, services or bids and proposals.
  • Geography: Activities in regions where Boeing Defence Australia operates, such as our largest customer bases in south east Queensland or Canberra.
  • Cost & Benefits: The value-for-money given other comparable investments across the sponsorship marketplace, the tangible benefits associated with the business sponsorship or business donation, and the capacity to deliver opportunities to create media interest or positive representation in the media.

Eligible Activities
We consider the following types of requests:
  • Sponsorships of events, trade shows, conferences and special events
  • Scholarships and bursaries
  • In-kind support through Boeing Defence Australia employee volunteer activities (outside of work hours)
  • In-kind donations and service for special projects

Ineligible Activities
We regret that we are unable to support the following types of activities:
  • Customers we are currently in negotiation with
  • Terrorist organisations
  • Adoption services
  • Local events in areas where Boeing does not have facilities
  • High risk or extreme sports
  • Religious activities, in whole or in part, for the purpose of furthering religious doctrine. Faith-based organisations must provide services to all clients regardless of denomination
  • Political candidates or organisations
  • Debt reductions
  • Travel expenses
  • Individuals.  

Evaluation Process
All applications, whether solicited or unsolicited, must follow this process:
  • Letters of Inquiry are received by Boeing Defence Australia at a minimum of three (3) months before the event. Boeing Defence Australia performs a preliminary review based on the Evaluation Criteria.
  • As a general rule, applications will not be considered any later than three (3) months between application and the sponsored event or initiative date in order to allow sufficient time to negotiate agreements and enable Boeing Defence Australia to appropriately plan participation.

If Boeing Defence Australia considers the application to be a potential fit, the organisation will be invited to submit further details via an online external application portal. 

Following this process helps ensure applications receive careful consideration and timely responses.

Application Process & Timeframes


Applications are reviewed on a regular basis. If there is a need for additional information, Boeing Defence Australia will contact the organisation directly.

Please visit the Boeing Defence Australia cybergrants website to lodge a request.

BDA University Relations

The Boeing Company knows the future of the cutting-edge aerospace industry is through the smart, talented and enthusiastic youth of today.  Boeing Defence Australia (BDA) is passionate about engaging and encouraging young people through education to inspire their interest in science, particularly aerospace- and aviation-related projects.

Through the University Relations program, BDA works closely with selected Australian universities across the country to enhance undergraduate curricula, support continuing education of Boeing employees, recruit candidates for employment and collaborate on research that benefits the company's long-term business needs. Since 2008 Boeing has contributed ongoing financial support to Australian universities and is currently supporting University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with funds used for student projects, travel bursaries, scholarships, awards and student outreach programs.

In addition to educating high school and university students, Boeing is dedicated to life-long learning for its employees. The company encourages local and international study with a number of Australian employees across the business undertaking professional assignments in order to gain exposure to programs from a global operations perspective.

The skills transfer aspect also extends to Australian small and medium enterprises working with Boeing. A number of Australian businesses have benefited from assistance in the implementation of initiatives like quality assurance and the lean manufacturing principles of the Boeing production system, which has led to development and expansion of their manufacturing skills and the knowledge and expertise to bid for further work in the aircraft and aerospace industries.