Across the globe, good corporate citizenship is a core value of The Boeing Company and integral to the way its business is conducted. Giving back to the communities in which we live and work is essential, and in Australia, this is no exception. Boeing Australia and its subsidiaries provide grants to civic, environment, health and education organizations including:

  • The Australian War Memorial (AWM): An iconic Australian institution widely regarded as being the custodian of its nation’s soul, Boeing has funded the AWM’s Afghanistan Exhibition. Using the voices, works, images, relics and artifacts of the Afghanistan campaign the exhibition tells visitors the stories of the nation’s involvement in its longest conflict.  Our latest program support their new exhibition: Centenary of Anzac– Stories from the Western Front Exhibition; a representation of the ANZAC’s involvement in the First World War.
  • The Great Barrier Reef Foundation’s Citizen Science Project: The Citizen Science Project forms part of the larger eReef project to engage the broader community and allow them to contribute in the monitoring, information and learnings of the health of the Reef through hands-on interaction and volunteer programs.  Ordinary people have the chance to become involved in science.
  • Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation; Tools for Teachers: Development and production of the “Tools for Teachers” books provides enhanced learning materials for teachers, students and families reaching across more than 800 schools nationally.  It provides a sustained resource for continued development, and specifically addresses the different learning styles of students e.g. kinesthetic learners, enabling all types of learners to benefit fully from the content.  During 2016 funding for the Kitchen Garden Schools Support Centre, underpins the delivery and sustainability of the Kitchen Garden Program across Australia, and enables all current Kitchen Garden Schools, regardless of their geographic location or socio-economic status, to have equity of access to the SAKGF team’s expertise and advice.
  • The Taronga Foundation Zoomobile Project: The Zoomobile program provides a mobile, travelling animal environmental experience which reaches those members of the community that are unable to visit one of the two Taronga Zoo locations in New South Wales or similar sites.  Through interactive sessions, led by qualified officers, participants from a range of communities including those living within rural, disadvantaged or special circumstances are able to learn about native Australian wildlife and the importance of maintaining a diverse habitat to allow for wildlife conservation across our unique country.
  • The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute’s Senior Teacher Content Modules Program addresses the gap for Year 11 and 12 that currently exists for teacher training of mathematics in new Australian Curriculum subjects. Whilst one quarter of the needed materials for this work has been completed funding our contribution allows for the fourth senior secondary mathematics subject known as Mathematics Methods to be offered to Australian students in 2016.
  • The Centre for Sustainability Leadership’s Future Leaders Program seeks to develop young leaders in mid- late secondary school and focus them on the subjects they might choose before making essential subject decisions.  By equipping them with skills in behavior change and action orientated learning we seek to encourage and provide guidance in their future career selection process.
  • Lauriston Girl’s School: The Fablearn Australia Conference 2016 will be hosted in the FabLab (fabrication laboratory) of Lauriston Girls’ School, the inaugural Australian school to participate in the program hosted by Stanford University.  The program focuses on teaching digital fabrication to students.
  • Legacy: Boeing Defence Australia is proud to support Legacy, which provides services to Australian families suffering financially and socially after the incapacitation or death of a spouse or parent, during or after their defence force service.
  • Soldier On: Boeing Defence Australia is proud to support Soldier On, which supports Australian service men and women who have been wounded – physically or psychologically – in contemporary conflicts. This includes conflicts after 1990, as well as serving members who were wounded in training or other exercises and individuals working for other Government agencies (DFAT, AFP, Customs).
  • Mission Australia: Boeing Defence Australia is proud to support Mission Australia, which provides services to reduce homelessness and strengthen communities across Australia, by helping people secure jobs, receive an education, find housing and develop important life skills.
  • Beyond Blue: Both Boeing Defence Australia and Boeing Aerostructures Australia support Beyond Blue, whose objective is an Australian community that understands depression and anxiety, empowering all Australians, at any life-stage, to seek help.

Boeing Australia employees also support some charities throughout the year during fundraising or awareness drives as well as during the company’s annual Boeing Global Month of Service, when employees volunteer to work in areas of need in their local communities. Further, Boeing employees can make contributions to charities through Boeing’s Employee Community Fund.

Being part of a community also means being there when times get tough, and Boeing has played a part in making financial donations to communities at times of great need.  Both Australia and New Zealand have been afflicted by severe natural disasters in the recent past, including tragic bushfires in Victoria, widespread flooding and cyclones in Queensland, and the devastating Christchurch earthquakes. Boeing employees worldwide were quick to respond with donations which were combined with a donation from The Boeing Company.

At Boeing Australia, whether it’s with civic organisations or during times of emergency, our 3000 employees are here to help.