This page will be regularly updated with information regarding site status for Boeing Aerostructures Australia.

Scaled return to worksite

Last week, the Victorian Government provided BAA with permission to continue operating throughout the lockdown, but was clear BAA could only do so on a limited basis. With this in mind and with the health and safety of our employees’ front and centre of any decision made, BAA will begin a scaled return to the workplace starting on Monday, 24 August.

Some team members will have received an email in relation to our partial suspension along with the relevant pay practices/leave arrangements; teammates are asked to please check their Boeing and/or personal email accounts. To view the proposed dates of return for each program, please see below.

Program Function Return Date
737 Aileron Assembly (full team return) 14th September
737 Winglet Assembly & Fabrication (full team return) 14th September
747 Assembly (full team return) 14th September
777 Assembly (full team return) 25th August
777 Fabrication (partial team return) 25th August
777 Fabrication (full team return) 31st August
787-8 Assembly & Fabrication (partial team return) 25th August
787-8/9 Fabrication (full team return) 2nd September
787-8/9 Assembly (full team return) 7th September

Managers will be in contact with their team members in the week leading up to their team’s proposed return to site. If employees have any questions, they are asked to contact their manager or email BAA’s COVID response team here.

Christmas shut down update

The unforeseen circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent State of Disaster and Stage 4 lockdown implemented across metropolitan Melbourne has seen a temporary suspension of production at BAA. This temporary suspension will see many employees taking annual or long service leave during this time.

As such, to help ensure employees have sufficient annual leave to cover the annual Christmas shut down period, we propose to reduce the Christmas shutdown period from five weeks to three.

The safety of our employees is always front and centre of any decision we make as a business. We have, and always will, err on the side of caution if we deem it to be essential to the health and wellbeing of our teams and in the case of the global COVID-19 pandemic, our broader Victorian community.

As of 11.59pm Friday 7 August, BAA initiated a partial shut-down of production on site. From Monday 10 August, the partial site suspension will be active. Unless you are informed by your manager to present at BAA, you must stay home and not attend work from 8 August until further notice.

As a safety measure, teams will then return beginning Monday, 24 August. Managers will share with their teams the specific date each program and function is expected to return to site.

Employees that are not able to complete useful work from home will draw upon the 10-day Boeing COVID-19 leave policy and pay practices. For more information on the leave policy, contact your manager.

Employees that have been working from home must continue to do so until further notice.

If you are permitted to attend work during the partial shut-down of production, ensure you carry the following when travelling to and from work:

  1. A Victorian Permitted Worker form, available for BAA here. This must be filled out by you, and signed by your manager.
  2. Valid Photo ID

For essential workers who fit the requirements to receive childcare during stage 4 restrictions, click here to visit the Victorian Government website to apply.