Boeing Aerostructures Australia Products and Services

Boeing Aerostructures Australia has a long history of engineering excellence that supports design and manufacture and leads the way in advanced technology development. In order to develop innovative solutions for our customers, the company has relationships with and draws engineering resources across the local aerospace industry, working with local tooling companies, and leading Australian research bodies and universities.
The full spectrum of engineering, design, analysis, test, certification, manufacture and in-service support functions have been utilised on our most recent program introduction the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.
Manufacturing Equipment
For the past 85 years, Boeing Aerostructures Australia has been producing metallic airframe components and newer carbon-fibre composite components have been produced for two decades. The company has eight production autoclaves up to 15 metres (50 feet) in length.
Boeing Aerostructures Australia is progressively introducing a range of equipment aimed at improving producibility and productivity. Technologies introduced include laser ply projection, robotic drill and trim for composite details, resin transfer moulding, automated assembly and high-speed milling machines.
Manufacturing Capabilities
Boeing Aerostructures Australia has been working at the forefront of traditional metallic aerostructure manufacture and assembly since the mid 1970’s. As this technology matured the future strategic direction for the organisation lay in the next evolutionary step in aerostructures, composites
Boeing Aerostructures Australia's manufacturing facilities are organised  around  two major  value streams:
  • Structural Pre-preg Composites Fabrication & Assembly and
  • Structural Resin Infusion Composites Fabrication & Assembly.

Both streams comprise multiple products with oversight from the program management function.
Research and Development
Boeing Aerostructures Australia has developed a strong materials and process engineering capability to address short to medium term technology and process improvement needs.  Our materials and process effort focuses on resin infusion in particular on increasing process stability and removing cost from manufacturing processes.
A node of Boeing Research & Technology is collocated with the engineering and manufacturing facility at Fishermans Bend.  The team of 20 researchers is integrated with Boeing Aerostructures Australia and they are empowered to deliver the organisation’s longer term needs. Development activities focus on advanced automation and further advancement of the resin infusion process.

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