Boeing Aerostructures Australia

Boeing Aerostructures Australia is The Boeing Company's largest manufacturing footprint outside North America and produces flight control surfaces for large commercial aircraft. This success is a result of the company's development of innovative solutions for manufacturing composite aircraft components, developed through collocation of research and development, design, testing, fabrication and assembly activities.

Boeing Aerostructures Australia employs more than 1,300 people at Fishermans Bend in Melbourne. When The Boeing Company acquired Boeing Aerostructures Australia heritage companies AeroSpace Technologies of Australia in 1996 and Hawker de Havilland in 2000, it had already been working with the Australian aerospace firms for many years. Boeing Aerostructures Australia is Australia's only designer and manufacturer of structural composite commercial aircraft components for Boeing’s commercial airplanes and through the heritage entities has been in existence since 1927.

Boeing Aerostructures Australia’s core capabilities cover work in the areas of design, test, certification and manufacture of advanced structures for commercial airplanes. As a Tier 1 partner to the Boeing 787 Dreamliner program, Boeing Aerostructures Australia is the sole source supplier of 787 moveable trailing edges, comprising left and right hand inboard flaps, flaperons, outboard flaps and ailerons. The 787 Dreamliner contract is Australia’s largest aerospace contract, valued at $4 billion over 20 years.

Boeing Aerostructures Australia is also the sole source of 737 ailerons, 747 moveable leading edges, and 777 cove lip doors, elevators and rudders. All production from Boeing Aerostructures Australia is exported to the United States of America.

The unit’s capabilities include design and analysis, materials and process technology, testing, structural bonding, resin infusion, non-destructive testing, automated assembly and paint. Boeing Aerostructures Australia’s capabilities at Fishermans Bend are complemented by the on-site support of Boeing Research and Technology-Australia, engaging in advanced composite and automation programs.

Boeing Aerostructures Australia also works with a large number of smaller Australian companies contributing millions of dollars to the Australian economy and enabling development of new skills across the industry base.